All about cleaning your swimming pool

Love spending time in the pool on the weekends, but hate cleaning it? That’s right, you are not alone. But there is no time for chores like pool cleaning in contemporary lives. Simple issues like murky water, broken pumps or floating debris on the surface can make the pool dirty and unsuitable for swimming.

There could be a number of issues which will tell you if the pool needs cleaning. The first thing noticed in pools is the water, and murky water means trouble. Cloudy water is a sign that it contains contaminating elements.

The tiles around the pool should be clean and smooth. Slippery, grimy or sticky tiles are a sign of algae growth. Then comes the collection of debris on the water surface or the bottom of the pool. Clean and healthy pool water should be blue and clear and smell like chlorine only.

Taking care of your pool weekly can keep it sparkly clean and ready to swim in summer. Here are the tips to keep your pool in top shape:

Get rid of the debris

Skim off the leaves and debris weekly, with a long handled leaf skimmer. Be sure to clean the debris before it ends up in the bottom of the pool.

Make sure the water is ‘fine’

It’s really important to keep your pool water chemically balanced for the sake of your health. You have to make sure it has the right pH, alkalinity and calcium hardness levels. Properly balanced water keep the pool equipment undamaged and prevents skin and eye irritation after swimming. Add bactericides and algaecides to the water and chlorinate the pool to avoid the water becoming cloudy, unhealthy and polluted.

Shock the pool

This includes treating the pool water with chlorine or non-chlorine substances to increase the free chlorine level to a point where the contaminants are destroyed. A pool needs to undergo shocking every week in order to remain functional.

Pool cleaning every week may seem too hectic, in which case you can hire local cleaning professionals who will take care of your pool meticulously. Call Perfection Property Services to get your pool inspected and cleaned, all ready for you to enjoy it!