Benefits of regular carpet cleaning

An uncleaned carpet can be the reason behind a lot of problems, but the most important among these problems is health. Carpets are usually the place where the kids and pets play and lie down; so it gets dirty easily and often makes the kids sick. Ignoring an unclean carpet for too long may lead to damage of the carpet and causing serious health problems.

Here are the benefits of cleaning carpets regularly:

Health benefits

All the pollutants like dust, allergens, pollen and dead skin cells floating around in you indoors cause illnesses like allergies, skin problems, irritations of eyes, throat and nose etc. It may also cause weakness of your immune system, leading you to catch more cold and flues. Carpets usually traps these culprits, lowering the chance of respiratory complications.

Breathing polluted air may lead to respiratory difficulty, decreased lung function, asthma etc. Having a freshly cleaned carpet will really reduce this risk.

Improved air quality

Carpets improves the air quality indoors as they absorb the pollutants and moistures in the atmosphere. They make your indoor breathing air cleaner. It is important to regularly vacuum clean and dry the carpet so it doesn’t remain full of pollutant and moisture for a long time and gives off odour.  As children spend a lot of time playing on the floor, clean carpets are a priority in order to keep them healthy.

Prevents damage to the carpet

Trapped moisture in the carpet fibres can give rise to mould and mildew growth, which can cause harm to the carpet. Mould and mildew is harmful for health too, as their spore causes allergy and other respiratory illness. Regular cleaning inhibits growth of mildew and saves your lungs.

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